I help brands sail uncharted seas. At the core of my work stories, code, and enough experience to mix them.

I'm a co founder at TVRBO. Former: VICE creative director, Game Master at Seis Grados, SCPF copywriter...

Tvrbo 2015 -

Tvrbo is a creative boutique where we create 'clicks and bricks' experiences for a wide range of clients. We code apps, ambitious web based projects and create premium video content.

It's been a fantastic experience so far, with all the ups and downs of bootstraping a company with two close friends. I could not have hoped for more enrichtainment at work. We are Tvrbo, how can we help?

Black ops 2010 -

Every now and then I have the opportunity to be part of cool starting-up projects where my expertise can make a difference, be it by consulting on branding or by coding their website and act as temporary CTO. Usually involves a little bit of both. Currently engaged at some degree with:

Instagram Metrics 2015

We detected very early IG would become what Twitter is for text but for Images and the rise of a new breed of influencers.

Born as an internal tool to monitor and invest better it became a cloud metrics platform to monitor IG segments of 10 accounts.

Project died when IG broke the API in order to make developers pay for access.

Vice 2014

Vice media has turned upside down the long traditional media landscape by creating quality content and vertical channels for millennials (I+D, Creators, Munchies, Noisey,Moneys,News...)

At Vice Spain we crafted content and experiences for brands, ranging from films with influencers to Conference Events or Music Festivals. We did work for brands like Adidas, AUDI, Microsoft, Timberland...

Advertising 2004-2008

I believe your first real job will set the tone of your career. In retrospect, I was very lucky to be surrounded by individuals with serious passion for The Work and a leadership with high expectations on our creative output.

That outdoor BMW ad was placed in the opening of the T4 of Madrid Barajas airport and might as well be my favourite.

I created ads for IKEA, BMW, MINI, EVAX ... paired with Jacobo Concejo, a super talented art director still in The Business.

Tool maker 2016 -

As a gamer few games have been so exciting as x-wing miniatures from Fantasy Flight Games. I created a squadron builder to enchance my experience. Tools are empowering.

I like making tools, we need more of them, not less.

Game creator 2016 -

When my dad turned 60 he got a game as a present. He was the superheroe the world needed to survive an alien attack.

We had both fun creating and consuming it so we are now in a colab writing our first game together.

Diegle 2008

Another colab with art Director Daya Muñoz. Sadly only the .psd remain to this day, Diegle on was on production for almost 11 months. We remixed up to 12' long videos from pop culture as our viral campaign. It was an ambitious project and we were young and naive. Fun times.

Little Che 2009

I heart babies and gathered an awesome team of art directors to help us brand this new company that created content for the little ones. It started with two films, FIRE and Water. Team was David Urquiza, Peio Atxalandabaso and Guillem Pericay .

We were pioneers in offering multidevice downloads besides classic DVD and created an online platform to build community around younger more tech-savy new families.

We went so far as to colab with Enric Majoral and create a Ring that simbolizes the love to your children (above & beyond love to your partner).

Save the Unicorns 2014

As a long time fan of One-Product eshops and the 'success' of our side project (2012- ) Cangrejeras.net , Aleix Perdigó, Pilar and I launched Save the Unicorns.

We sell unicorn related merchindise while promoting embracing a more unicorn-way-of-life. Check out both instagrams for details.

Plantillas Monés 2006 -

As the third generation of a family dedicated to wool I know some family tricks to avoid cold feet. It started as a gift for coworkers on xmas and it grew from there. The first packaging featured my grandma and was discontinued after Time Out magazine wrote about it.

In the first of a cool list of colabs with art Director Daya Muñoz we created a new packaging for 'Las Plantillas Monés'. You could buy them online and at some point were spotted on the shelves of few arty shops in Barcelona.

To this day people asks for them and a few packages are sent every year.

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